Since 2004 KatieBeth has been rocking it out in WI, and TN. With a voice born in rock and roll and stained by whiskey, her powerful energy on stage and raw vocal talent is blazing a trail in the music world.
Every KatieBeth performance is like a musical autobiography of KatieBeth the person. Start with her voice, a blend of rock and country. A style that pulls equally from her Wisconsin roots and her Tennessee years. And then listen to her songs. The lyrics tell stories of heartbreak, redemption, and hope. With every verse and chorus KatieBeth unleashes the raw, uncensored emotion of someone who has learned life's lessons the hard way.
She is a singer, songwriter, lover of bad jokes, a full time Criminal Justice Student, and launched her own Podcast; Breakin Boundaries Music in 2019.
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Tired of working for someone else, Allison took her own future into her hands. She started a Marketing and Promotions comany; EDGE Marketing & Media. Since then, she has grown five other businesses that include a Podcast Network, an Online Futsal Store and more ventures to be announced in 2019. She launched a Podcast with her daughter as host in 2017; Pey Pey the Podcaster which is one of her most successful podcasts on all formats. She has worked with many greats from Milwaukee Radio and the Soccer World and is still not sure what the future holds or where she sees this all going, but you can be sure to hear her laughing anywhere she is.